The Top Skills to Look for in Your Next CAD Candidate

CAD Candidate

While technical ability is a must for a good CAD designer, it’s hardly the whole package.

Instead of looking to hire CAD candidates with the most technical notches on their belt, you should be focused on CAD designers that have a bevy of soft skills, including the desire to continue growing as a professional and the ability to put their work into context.

Consider the following top skills when looking to hire your next CAD designer.

Desire to innovate

While you want a CAD designer who will listen and adapt to your workflows, they should also have ideas on how to do things better. For example, they may develop a production technique that is cheaper, but still upholds the company standards.

Wallflowers and yes-persons might be easy to manage, but they aren’t as valuable as someone who is always looking to challenge the status quo.


A good CAD designer knows when to check their ego at the door and do what is best for the team. These folks are willing to listen and make sure a product delivers optimal results.

“Big picture” vision

A good CAD designer will be able to infuse their ideas with assorted technologies and techniques to create a product. If one part of a product or assembly is being developed, the designer has to know what must be done and how their work must fit in the finished product. They are also ready to work with manufacturers to make alterations to the design to meet the demands of the project.

Desire to learn and adapt

Every job includes a learning curve that must be mastered. A candidate who is committed to regular growth in their career is best suited to adjust to your company’s tools and workflows.

Top designers should also be capable of improving and adapting their skill set. They are flexible with regards to technology, design and other aspects linked with their profession. They should always be striving to stay on top of new technology, whether that’s designing for the Internet of Things (IoT) or learning new methods for design for manufacturing (DFM).

Organizational awareness

Designers should realize the limiting factors in their job caused by technology, manufacturing methods, marketing and client guidelines. A good designer is not handcuffed by these restrictions. They locate a solution that works within the restrictions they are handed.

Problem solving

CAD designers need to be solutions-oriented. All the insight, adaptions, time and effort invested in a CAD project is pointless if it doesn’t result in a design solution. It is crucial the designer is willing not only to understand a challenge, but is capable of taking action to create a part or product that meets the needs of your company, a client and/or an end-user.

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