What’s the Number One Reason Why Great Employees Quit?

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Survey after survey shows there’s one popular reason why employees quit: a bad relationship with their boss.

The frustrating thing for companies is this issue can be easily avoided. A fresh perspective and some effort on the part of management can go a long way to addressing employees who keep quitting because of their boss. First and foremost, companies need to consider some of the worst habits for managing employees and how to stop them.

Overworking employees

Few things burn out great workers like working them too much.

In addition to the wear and tear, overworking good workers can make them feel they are being penalized for working hard. Overworking staff members is also counterproductive. Research has indicated that productivity per hour drops sharply after an employee has worked 50 hours in a week. Also, productivity after 55 hours of work slips so much, according to research, there’s almost no benefit of even doing it.

If you must increase the amount of work good employees are doing, you should give them something beneficial as well. Raises, bonuses and promotions are all effective ways to boost workload without making employees want to look for another job.

Not recognizing good work

Good employees often get frustrated by a manager who doesn’t seem to appreciate all the good work they do. If good employees get just as much acknowledgement as mediocre employees, they’ll wonder why they are trying so hard.

It’s easy to underrate the power of a pat on the back, particularly with top performers who have a high level of internal motivation. Everybody likes recognition, perhaps none more than those who work hard without being asked. Supervisors should also talk to their people to figure out what makes them feel appreciated. For instance, some people want public recognition and others would prefer a more private, one-on-one acknowledgement.

Hiring and promoting the wrong people

Good, hardworking workers want to work together with like-minded people. When supervisors continually make bad hires, it’s a big demotivator for those who must work with them. Promoting the wrong employees is even worse. When someone gets rewarded for avoiding work all day while they schmooze with upper management, it sends a signal that hard, intelligent work is not rewarded in this organization.

Not helping employees get better

When bad supervisors are asked about being inattentive to staff members, they often excuse their actions by talking about “trusting employees” or giving them “autonomy” to do their own thing. Good supervisors, however, pay attention to their team members and are continuously coaching them to become better workers.

When you have a talented worker on your team, it’s up to you to keep finding ways they can get better or grow as professionals. The most talented staff members want support, and it’s your duty to keep it coming. If you don’t, good people will get bored and complacent.

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