How to Impress Your New Boss

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The first weeks and months of a new job are all about making a good first impression. You need to seize this opportunity to build strong relationships, earn trust from those around you and keep your career headed in the right direction, rather than doing the bare minimum and hoping to blend in with the other employees.

A new job also means asking a lot of questions of those around you. You may start to feel like you are being annoying or appearing dumb, but it’s actually a good way to figure out the inner workings of an organization while making connections with both colleague and your boss.

Here are a few questions you should consider asking.

How are you?

Your supervisor is most likely busy, stressed and possibly feeling a bit underappreciated. Asking them how they feel is a simple way to show you recognize the challenges they face. This question also gives your manager an opportunity to open up to you, which could result in a higher comfort level and possibly more transparency.

At the very least, it’s a nice thing to ask.

Can I do anything for you?

This is another easy question that could result in an indifferent response; or the chance to truly connect with your new boss on a professional level. By asking for work, you make it easier for your manager to delegate important responsibilities to you, while highlighting your work ethic.

Who should I really get to know in my first month?

Networking in a new job is essential. You ought to be getting to know your new colleagues, people on other teams, middle managers and even executives. It’s particularly important when meeting these people to know how their roles tie back to yours.

By asking for your boss’s opinion on who you should get to know, you show you respect their ability to judge others and are willing to collaborate with people outside the department.

What big things do you want me to accomplish in the coming weeks?

By asking this question, you can set your own goals and possibly figure out how they align with your boss’s own goals. It also helps you set up your priorities. If your short-term goals are already laid out, you can ask about goals for the coming months.

If nothing else, this question shows you’re determined to succeed and ready to hit the ground running.

What is your preferred way of communication?

This question can help you steer clear of miscommunication and put both you and your supervisor on the same page. For instance, they may tell you they prefer email for some things and in-person for other concerns.

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