Ask These Questions to Show Your New Boss You’re All In

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Starting a new job the right way means having to make the best first impression with your boss. When you build a strong relationship with your boss, you set yourself up to succeed.

It’s important to walk into your new job ready to do more the bare minimum, which means asking questions once you get started. You may be worried about being perceived as bothersome or dumb, but asking questions is a good way to figure out the inner workings of your new employer, as well as forge a connection with your boss. In fact, research shows that asking questions can make you appear smart.

While there are no bad questions, some are more useful than other. The following questions are worth asking your boss in the first few days and weeks.

“How are you today?”

Your boss is likely very busy, stressed and possibly feeling underappreciated. Simply asking how they are doing is an easy way to connect, and it gives them an opportunity to open up to you. Getting into the habit of asking your boss how they are doing can result in greater transparency and tips on how you can get more involved.

“Is there anything I can do for you?”

Since you are just getting settled, it’s possible your boss isn’t ready to hand you any extra projects. However, they might have little things you could do to help out, or maybe they could use an extra set of hands on something. By asking if they need help with anything, as opposed to waiting for them to say something, it reinforces the idea that you have a strong work ethic and sense of teamwork.

“Who should I get to know in my first week/month?”

Networking is essential at any point in your career, and it is particularly useful when beginning a new job. You should try to get to know your new co-workers, people on other teams, your supervisors and top executives, if possible. In the short term, this networking can help you gain support and provide you with a better sense of expectations, goals and projects, as well as how these things relate back to your job.

 “What should my goals be for the coming months?”

Thinking about long-term objectives indicates you’re driven and prepared to hit the ground running in order to achieve those objectives. The response to this question also allows you set and prioritize your responsibilities.

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