Follow These 5 Tips to Get Your Boss to Back Your Ideas in 2019!

Good supervisors are always trying to find good ideas. They also often have the experience, wisdom, and status needed to assess an idea, as well as support it for adoption.

When a boss you respect rejects your idea, your idea either wasn’t very good or you didn’t do a good job pitching it. Getting support for an idea is all about the sales pitch. Consider the following tips on how you can increase the odds of getting backing for your next big idea.

1) Create a vision

A common marketing technique is to have potential customers visualize having a positive experience with your product or service. This same approach can be a very effective way to get support for your idea.

Start by coming up with a vision for your idea that inspires you. Once you’ve developed a realistic, passionate vision of your idea, it will be much easier to get others to see the idea your way.

2) Research

Before your idea goes from spitball to solid pitch, you need to do your homework on it. List all of the associated pros and cons. See if the idea has been used elsewhere and what the results were.

Bottom line, you don’t want to do charging into your boss’s office with an idea that has massive flaws.

3) List the benefits

At the end of the day, your boss will what to know what’s in it for them. This means you have to spell out your idea’s tangible benefits. In a nutshell, you should be able to explain how your idea will lower costs, boost revenue, improve efficiency, solve a problem, achieve a goal or help someone.

4) Conduct some test marketing

Once you are confident about your idea, try it out a handful of trusted co-workers. Find out if it makes sense to them, ask them to be critical and give feedback. Listen to find out how well you’re explaining the idea and consider any feedback on the idea itself. Don’t let criticism crush your enthusiasm, but also be prepared to dismiss your idea if enough people tell you it’s no good.

5) Bring your idea and be flexible

If your manager doesn’t dismiss the idea outright and starts making suggestions, you are halfway there. Suggestions imply your supervisor is starting to buy in and taking some ownership of the idea, which is a good thing.

The key here is to not be chained to specifics. Give a little, if only to get buy-in, and maybe your manager’s suggestions might end up improving on your idea.

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