The Pros and Cons of Job Searching in January

The “new year, new me” mentality has a lot of people looking for a new, better job. We enter January feeling inspired to make a move, whether it’s to pursue a new job, a new employer or a totally new line of work.

However, before filling out multiple applications, it’s critical to know exactly what you should expect from a job search this month.

Consider the following pros and cons before kicking off your January job search.

Pro – Companies are Hiring

Hiring personnel tend to avoid taking time off in January because it is usually a busy time.

The new quarter brings a new budget, meaning more money to hire. The start of the year also brings new sales forecasts or company-wide goals, which can direct where a business will focus their hiring efforts.

Con – More Competition

If you spent your holidays mulling over a career move, you should know that you aren’t the only one.

Each year, a lot of people start looking for a new job in January. Some wait until the holidays are over to start trying to find a new job. Others may have a financial incentive to wait until January, as businesses often hand out bonuses in December.

Pro – Competition Only Gets Worse

If you think waiting until spring will help you avoid the rush of applicants, you need to consider that a massive amount of people hit the job market every spring – people set to graduate from college.

The most ambitious and heist performing college students don’t wait until after they have their diploma in hand; they are either sending out resumes or trying to parlay internships into full-time jobs.

Given the fact that the typical hiring process takes several weeks, applying in January is a great way to get the jump on those pesky college grads.

Con – A Slower Hiring Process

Actually, the hiring process can take a bit longer in January than it does in other times of the year. Companies often roll out changes at the start of the year that can be a drag on hiring. For instance, if a company decides to launch a new applicant tracking system, it will take hiring personnel longer to do their jobs as they adapt to the new system.

Furthermore, January is when many companies have a fresh budget and low demand. There’s no rush to fill positions and so the tendency is to take a more leisurely approach.

Ready for a New Job?

At Superior Resource Group, we help job seekers from January to December. If you’re looking to get a new job in the new year, please contact us today.



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