5 Bright Red Flags to Watch Out For While You’re Interviewing Candidates This Year

A vital part of successfully running a business is assembling a top team and working with the best people possible.

Often, the best people for your company aren’t those with the abilities that perfectly fit job descriptions. If an applicant is able, passionate and principled, she or he will always be more of an asset than an someone who has a more ability. Character and competence together always beat skill alone.

A big part of the candidate selection process for your team is the face-to-face interview. Those doing the interviewing have to be conscious of various warning signs to ensure the best candidates are hired. Below are five big red flags to be aware of when interviewing applicants.

1) A lack of curiosity

The best applicants invest some time before the interview finding out as much as possible about the business. These curious applicants will look at the official website, along with products and services provided. Curious applicants will also come in with questions based on what they saw.

Someone who doesn’t show this type of professional curiosity is less likely to show initiative in the job, if hired.

2) A lack of humility

Any good professional knows mistakes are part of growing and improving. A candidate who won’t admit to major mistakes or who places fault externally shows they don’t understand this. In addition to not learning from mistakes, someone who isn’t humble will likely clash with the existing employees on your team.

Incidentally, when interviewing applicants, it is a good thing to own up to your errors and walk the line between confidence and humility.

3) An inability to handle tough questions

As an interviewer, one of many things you have to assess is how each candidate might conduct himself or herself while under stress.

One way to do this is to ask hard questions and put applicants on the spot. Consider it a red flag if an applicant has no problem hitting softball questions, but buckles when asked for specific, complicated answers.

4) A lack of outside interests

It could seem like an arbitrary question to ask applicants if they play sports or have hobbies. But, the response can be a solid indicator of how that applicant will do a job. Those who play sports tend to be competitive and comfortable as a team player. If they have hobbies, they have passion and will likely be motivated if you provide them with meaningful work.

5) A focus on money and/or benefits

One of the biggest interview red flags is when the applicant is very focused on money, perks or other benefits of the position. This type of applicant will likely leave your organization if a slightly better offer comes along.

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