Candidates Fall Into 3 Major Categories: Which Does Your Business Need?

Whether it’s for an upper executive position or a receptionist job, hirable applicants tend to fall into three different categories, each with their own pros and cons.

Based on the knowledge of these three types of candidates, who is your business really looking for?

The Seasoned Pro

This person has all the experience you’re looking for in an applicant. They are highly qualified for the position and would be able to hit the ground running, if hired. They also offer the possibility of upgrading your entire team by sharing their knowledge and leading less-experienced staff members.

The issue with hiring this kind of candidate is they tend to command a premium pay rate. For a business in the early phase of its development, investing in an experienced pro can be vital to development, since the job will hardly be too much for them.

As someone making the hiring decision, you must consider the tradeoff between the cost of employing this candidate and the value they can provide.

The Prospect

This applicant may have the proper degree and skills you need but has much less experience that you’d like. They might have in a comparable job a level down from the job you’re looking to fill. For instance, you might be considering a plant manager for your chief of operations.

Although they don’t have the experience, this applicant has a lot of potential. They are vibrant and intelligent. If they are hired, you must allow for this person to make errors as they build experience. Believe this person can carry on growing at the same rate or faster than business needs demand and they should be a great hire.

While they may turn out to be a rock star, there is also considerable risk associated with hiring this type of candidate. They may not ever reach the potential you originally saw in them, putting you back at square one. Be sure to provide proper training to help them attain the level you’re looking for.

The Reach

This candidate typically would not be considered for the position, but they could bring a distinctly valuable skill set that lets them to achieve things that someone with a more conventional background could not. For instance, you might consider an engineer for marketing position because they understand the products being marketed at a technical level.

If hired, this applicant would have to learn a great deal up front, so the abilities and knowledge needed to succeed ought to be within their grasp. Obviously, there is considerable risk in hiring this type of applicant for the job, particularly if they can’t adjust and grow into the role.

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