How a Recruiter Can Find You a Job Faster

Even in a job market that heavily favors the job seeker, it can be difficult to get a new job quickly.

A staffing company recruiter can be an effective ally when you don’t have the luxury of time. A recruiter works on your behalf to find you a best-fit job opportunity while you conduct your own job search efforts, work a current job, go to school or handle various other responsibilities.

In addition to accelerating your job search, here are the reasons why you should work with a recruiter to find your next career opportunity:

A Bigger Network

Given that their job involves working with people, recruiters invest a great deal of time making connections through various means. Even if your professional network is big, it likely does not approach the number of people that hiring personnel are connected to.

When you agree to work with a staffing company recruiter, your network instantly expands, and you can take advantage of these new connections to maximize your job-seeking efforts.

Career Coaching

When they connect you to a job opportunity, recruiters typically will assist you with the application process, from submitting a resume to accepting an offer. If you pick a good recruiter to work with, you can also refine your cover letter, portfolio and any other applicant documents. They will be able to coach you on interviewing for the specific opportunity, and after you interview, provide you with valuable feedback.

Better Fit

Recruiters know the specific needs of their clients, meaning they can connect you to the specific type of opportunity that suits both your needs and the needs of a company. They can also provide you with information about the company you may not be capable of learning on your own. With a staffing company, you are more prone to cross paths with a company in need of your distinctive abilities and work style.

A Series of Opportunities

Even when you aren’t hired for the first job a recruiter connects to you, you will remain on the recruiter’s radar for other jobs.

Recruiters have software systems that match job seekers to opportunities. The software matches particular data from your resume and to various opportunities to determine potential fit. When a best-fit opportunity pops up, the recruiter will then contact you.

Let Superior Resource Group Be Your Recruiter!

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