Four Proven Ways to Motivate Your Employees

Employees are more motivated when they are engaged, and engaging employees is easier than it sounds. Motivated employees work harder and produce better work than unmotivated counterparts, which makes them essential to the growth of your bottom line. If you are looking to boost employee motivation read our tips below.

1. Maintain Core Values 

A strong set of core values informs how your company hires, the products and services it offers, who its clients are and how it carries out various processes. Values not only inform internal operations, they also explain to the public what defines your organization as a brand. 

Within your company, values ought to be easy to understand and translate into action. Hence, values help to define the idea of ‘good performance’ in your organization. 

Different jobs mean different applications of company values. However, every single employee and company leader should be motivated to play a role in promoting those values. 

2. Transparent Communication 

Transparent communication can help your staff members to see their jobs in greater detail and on a grand scale, making it essential to motivation. For example, regular interactions between managers and employees has been shown to be a major driver of productivity, probably because the managers can help resolve and come up with solutions. 

If a manager’s expectations aren’t clearly communicated, staff members are more likely to become confused or even resentful. They are also less equipped to handle confusing issues, spending more time solving problems than being productive. 

3. Balancing Support, Accountability and Recognition 

Managers need to support their employees and hold them accountable. 

Workplace accountability involves setting clear expectations and holding employees to those expectations with meaningful positive and negative consequences. First and foremost, accountability should be backed up the resources needed to get the job done, as well as the confidence to make decisions. 

The value of employee recognition should be obvious, but the most effective approaches to employee recognition may not be so obvious. Recognition should be tied to specific expectations so that employee’s know what actions and decisions the company wants from them. Reward and recognition should also be achievable for every single employee, not just the most high-profile members of your team. 

4. Trust

Establishing clear expectations, offering training, coaching and then letting staff members do their job is the job of a manager. A good management style means ensuring that milestones are being met, but not demanding that every decision and detail needs approval. 

It takes grace to understand when to not over-manage, but when that balance is achieved, it will translate into engaged employees and higher productivity. 

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