How to Sell Yourself in a Job Interview

The main objective of any interview is to sell yourself. That’s a tall order when you are one of many qualified people vying for a job.

However, it’s not impossible. Like anything, it helps to do your homework here. If you’ve got the right mindset, and are properly prepared and rehearsed – you stand a great chance of truly selling yourself to an interviewer.

Remember Your Value

An interview is an intimidating situation for most people, and the daunting nature of an interview can make selling seem difficult.

It helps to remember the company is already impressed enough by your qualifications to bring you in for an interview, which means your resume and cover letter stood out. Just recalling that you’ve already beat out more than a few other applicants can make the upcoming interview seem a bit less daunting.

Know the Company Backwards and Forwards

Knowing a great deal about the business before the interview is essential. An interviewer wants to know you’ve done your homework and properly prepared for the interview.

Start by visiting the official website to learn about its mission statement and values. Look at social media pages to get a sense of the company culture and public image. Search the internet to find out if the business made major news recently.

All of this will allow you to talk intelligently about the company, the industry and the position you happen to be seeking.

Prepare Good Stories

People love to hear a good story, even in an interview. Preparing stories about your past career successes and failures (“lessons learned”) can help you keep a conversation flowing, while presenting information about you to the interviewer in a compelling manner.

A good interview story focuses on results. Be able to tell stories that mention what you’ve accomplished and the significance of those accomplishments. When it comes to past failures, be able to talk about what you learned and how that lesson made you into a more valuable worker.

Always try to relate your story to the skills and experiences needed for the job opening, and when possible, include hard numbers like dollars you saved or sales figures you boosted.

Get Exercise, Sleep and Eat Healthy

All the preparation in the world can be undermined by an unhealthy day before the interview.

Try to exercise regularly and plan a strenuous workout routine as near to the interview time as you can. A hard workout on the morning of the interview or the day before can keep the nerves at bay and even give you a mental boost. It is also important to get a full night’s rest the night before the interview.

Finally, it’s crucial to maintain a solid diet in the run-up to the interview. Research has shown that a healthy diet supports concentration, and the capability to focus is crucial for making a great sales pitch.

Let Us Sell You as a Top Candidate

At Superior Resource Group, we support the success of the candidates we connect to job opportunities by providing them with thorough interview prep. Please contact us today to find out how we can support your interview success.


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