3 Ways to Move Past Job Rejection 

Unfortunately, rejection is a part of life, and hopefully, you’ve reached adulthood with a healthy appreciation of that fact.  

That being said, it’s perfectly normal and healthy to be upset by rejection. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to get over any negative feelingsBelow are a few steps you can take to get over job rejection. 

1) Keep Things in Perspective 

Not getting a job or promotion you really wanted isn’t fun, and it’s normal to grieve when this happens. Allow yourself to feel sad but don’t beat yourself up. If you have to cry a little or call loved ones for support, do it. The essential thing is to not allow your grief to get the best of you. Sitting too long with your grief isn’t healthy or sensible. You need to push through eventually. 

Also, don’t take the rejection personally. Whether or not you got a job doesn’t have anything to do with who you are a person. Occasionally, it doesn’t even have to do with your qualifications, if someone with better connections got the position rather than you. Sometimes, it’s just a numbers game. 

2) Remember Your Value 

Remembering all that you have achieved in your professional (and personal) life can help to put things in perspective. Naturally, if you’ve achieved success before, you can do it again. You can even write down all of your victories, credentials and hard-earned abilities as a way to remind yourself of all that you are capable of doing. 

Another good way to remind yourself of your value is to do something that gives you a sense of control. Do something that boosts your self-esteem, like volunteering, playing music, drawing, cooking or teaching a skill to someone else. When you do something that is meaningful to you, it can make you feel extremely capable in the face of rejection 

3) Learn and Move Forward 

Unfortunately, many employers don’t provide reasons why you didn’t receive a job offer. Even in this situation, you can still learn something from the experience. 

Rather than dwelling on negative feelings, try to learn from any criticisms or concerns about your candidacy. In addition to learning about potential weaknesses in your job-seeking approach, this exercise can also help you get acclimated to rejection. The more comfortable you get with rejection, the less it will sting the next time it comes along. 

Also, spend some time taking stock of your career to date and long-term goals. While your most recent application didn’t work out as you’d hoped, there might be ways to see it as a blessing in disguise. Consider anything you might do to achieve your long-term goals now that this opportunity has passed. Focusing your energy on long-term career goals will help you look past the rejection and do something useful with your time. 

Finally, you must keep moving forward with actions. Don’t let one business or decision someone else made keep you from achieving your potential. 

Let Us Help You Move Forward 

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