Want to Turn Your Temporary Position into a Permanent Job?

When you’re looking to convert your temporary position to a permanent one, it can be hard not to overthink your performance and how much people like you.  

But rather than basing your mindset on the reactions of others, you should be focused on making contributions and providing value. There’s never a guarantee that a temporary position will become a permanent one, and if your temporary job ends, you want to be able to walk away with your head held high – even if your work wasn’t fully appreciated.   

It’s also important to be completely reliable. If you show up on time every morning, do what is asked of you, and communicate clearly with your coworkers, you’ll earn a valuable reputation as someone who can be trusted.   

You should try to have the right mindset and bring an upbeat mentality if you want to maximize your chances of getting that fulltime job. The best way to get that permanent position is to act like you are already fully committed to the company. Avoid thinking, “I’m just the temp.” 

Having stated all that, it’s important to determine if getting a full-time job with the company is possibleand what the chances are of that happeningTalk to employees about those who have made a temp job permanent in the past and try to determine how you can follow in their footsteps. 

Temping is Still the Way to Go 

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s a lot of uncertainty right now, and that means employers are more likely to turn to temporary workers than they are to start hiring full-time workers again. Once the economy does finally start to pick up steam again, employers will be more willing to hire full-time employees and those who already have a foot in the door through temporary positions will be the first ones in line.   

Companies aren’t the only ones that benefit from temporary jobs. A temporary job is a good way to figure out what it might be like to work in a particular organization. You can read all about what a company and its culture are like from Facebook and Glassdoor, but the best way to truly learn is to work there. You can also get a sense of what the full-time position is like and the type of co-workers you’d be working alongside. A temp job is a two-way street, with both the employer and the worker seeing they might fit together. 

Regardless of how a particular temporary assignment turns out, it is still a great opportunity. In particular, every temp job is it chance to network with people in a company. The people you meet could tip you to other job opportunities, or they could be a source of advice down the road.   

We Can Put You in the Career Opportunity You’re Looking For 

Whether you’re looking for a temporary position or a full-time job, we can help. Please contact Superior Resource Group today to find out how we can put you in a position for career success. 



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