Attract Better Talent when You Build a Better Brand

As the ratio of younger-to-older workers continues to skew younger, companies are seeing that conventional recruitment strategies, based mostly on pay and benefits, are becoming less relevant.  

Younger professionals want a more holistic job experience, such as one with a strong work-life balance or a sense of greater purpose. While experienced employees also want these things in a job situation, they’re also drawn to companies that value professional experience and the opportunity to flex a deep skillset. 

Building a robust employer brand is a very effective tool when trying to appeal to all generations of today’s professionals. Below are a few tips on how you can make your company’s employer brand more appealing. 

Define an Employee Value Proposition  

Framing your company’s core values around your staff members helps to build a solid foundation of an employer brand that’s suited for top talent acquisition. 

Begin by defining your worker value proposition (EVP). An EVP is how a business exchanges various benefits for the abilities, effort and experience of individual staff members. Working in parallel with and reinforcing the employer brand, the EVP is focused expressly in the direction of current workers and prospective applicants. 

Define Brand Goals 

Recording quantifiable goals for your employer brand initiative can help guide their development. Goals should focus on topics like how your business strategy plays into your employer brand, and how to align leadership goals with those of current and future employees. 

Goals should establish a kind of framework for the employer brand. Ultimately, the framework ought to distinguish the brand, address recruitment weaknesses, identify target audiences and establish approaches to assess candidate/employee experiences. 

Survey Current Employees 

Your existing employer brand is best expressed through the stories of your staff members. Basing your employer brand on case studies can give your brand a lot of credibility moving forward. It also helps to frame your brand as authentic and transparent. When surveying, engage your staff members as humanly as possible. Passing out surveys will only get you platitudes, clichés and a boatload of complaints. 

In your surveys, attempt to capture candid worker experiences. The stories you get can be tied together to tell the story of employees’ experiences and journeys. 

Also, ask questions that might reveal how you can differentiate your employer brand. Job seekers looking at a company want an understanding of how your organization is different, and how it potentially suits their own interests and values. 

Encourage Employees to Share their Experiences 

Good candidates will research an employer before applying or during the application process. This typically involves a trip to Glassdoor where they can read reviews from current and past employees. 

Rather than running from employee reviews, you should be running toward them. Look for patterns and reviews of your company and address recurring criticisms. Once you have addressed the most severe issues, encourage your employees to share their own experiences, which should hopefully skew positive. 

We Can Reinforce Your Employer Brand 

At Superior Resource Group, we work with our clients to help them build up their employer brand. Please contact us today to find out how we can support your brandbuilding efforts. 



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