How to Start Your Job Search in the Era of Coronavirus

The first wave of coronavirus may be behind us, but the pandemic is expected to have a lasting impact on society. 

Some businesses that had planned to slowly transition into a remote work model fully embraced that model over the span of a couple weeks. Some older processes that were being phased out have now been completely eliminated. 

Only time will tell if the shift to digital will be lasting or temporary, but if you’re searching for a new job right now – you need to keep that shift in mind. Below are a few tips on how you can have a more effective job search right now. 

Research the Latest Developments 

Start by finding out which businesses are hiring. Review social media and job boards, paying attention to which listings are new and which are pre-pandemic postings. 

Update your resume based on your resume. In preparation for new hiring guidelines, familiarize yourself with remote tools like Zoom so you can put your best face forward on video chat. As the economy opens up, hiring will likely accelerate. Be ready for this acceleration by understanding the new realities of remote work so you can hit the ground running. 

Consider Your ‘Remote’ Skills 

Unless your research turns up something different, it’s safe to say companies are more inclined to hire for positions that can be done remotely, such as those in e-commerce and technology. As companies move their business online, any job-based in digital technology is a safe bet. 

Companies will prioritize remote-ready candidates. They will also focus on individuals who are innovative and able to adapt to work models that can withstand difficult times like these. Use the current moment to learn any skills that might be valuable moving forward. Training and certifications can be earned through massive open online courses (MOOCs), professional organizations and private companies. 

Connect to Your Network 

Before reaching out to your network, make it easy connections to assist you to by understanding what you’re trying to find. Prepare an elevator pitch with examples of your past work, which they can use to consider ways to help you. 

Network through whatever platform you’re most comfortable using. A message on Facebook can be just as effective as a phone call. Try to keep the degree of outreach suited to your level of familiarity. It’s appropriate to text a good friend on the weekend, but maybe not an old co-worker you haven’t spoken to in years. Even with close friends, it’s a good idea to use a direct, professional tone so you can be clear about your intentions. 

Look at a Career Shift 

Right now, it is critical to stay open to new career possibilities. Insulating yourself against the career effects of the coronavirus might mean learning new digital skills so you can transition into a slightly different role, or it might mean transitioning into a new career path altogether. You should consider all possibilities based on your own personal and professional situation. 

Let Us Help You 

At Superior Resource Group, we can help you navigate the recent shifts to the labor market. Please contact us today to find out how we can be of assistance.  




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