10 Benefits of Having a Strong Relationship with Your Staffing Agency

Any successful executive will tell you that with great people – a business runs itself.  

As a business grows, bringing in good people while keeping up with business activities becomes increasingly difficult. A staffing company can help. As experts in what they do, staffing agencies make smart, efficient talent acquisitions for their clients without negatively impacting productivity. 

When a business has a strong relationship with a dedicated staffing partner, it can reap many benefits. Below is a short list of ten benefits that your company can enjoy with a strong staffing partnership. 

1) Improved Productivity 

The first big advantage of collaborating with a staffing company is greater efficiency. As vacancies are filled with skilled employees, productivity inevitably rises. When your staffing company helps with onboarding, it also creates greater efficiencies.   

2) Lower Turnover 

When an experienced employee leaves your company, you have to invest in hiring and training a new person. A staffing partner can help reduce turnover by increasing the average quality of hire. 

3) Lower Internal Costs 

There are internal costs associated with staffing. Hiring, onboarding and then waiting for a new to get up to date affects the bottom line. A staffing company can allow you to identify qualified matches who are more prone to hit the ground running. 

4) Temp-to Hire Option 

A temp-to-hire arrangement enables employees to assess prospective full-time staff members before committing to hiring them full time. Many contract employees are open to a temp-to-hire as it affords them flexibility as well. 

When your company uses a temp-to-hire approach, you can see how each possible full-time worker fits into the position and the company 

5) Lower Unemployment Claims 

When a company hires a worker, it becomes liable for the possible unemployment costs. Hiring contract employees from staffing agencies means the liability is shifted to the staffing company. Temporary employees also enable a company to staff up or down according to business demands 

6) Staffing Expertise 

Experienced staffing agencies know your company and your industry. They combine this expertise with proven screening, interviewing and training processes. 

7) Greater Flexibility 

Your labor requirements can change so rapidly in cases of maternity leave, sick leaves, seasonal shifts or unexpected spikes in business. A staffing company can allow you to flex your staffing as needed to meet unpredicted needs.   

8) Access to More Talent 

Staffing companies let you cast a much wider net for talent than you would otherwise be able to do. This helps to boost hiring quality and helps your company concentrate more on revenue-generating activities. 

9) Faster Hiring 

Critical positions left open can have a big negative impact on a businessWith its broad and deep pool of talent, a staffing company can fill open positions faster than an internal team. 

10) A Greater Focus on Top Candidates 

When you opt to have a staffing company screen your applications, you decrease the pile of resumes that must be screen and can put a lot of focus on only the most qualified candidates. 

We Can Support Your Company’s Success 

At Superior Resource Group, we provide staffing-related benefits to our clients so they can achieve their organizational goals. Please contact us today to find out how we can work with your company. 





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