7 Ways to Stay Motivated & Productive While Working from Home

For many people, “work from home” was more of a Fifth Harmony lyric that is was a description of their job situation. However, COVID-19 came along and changed all that. 

Many of us have suddenly been thrust into navigating the futuristic world of Microsoft Teams, Zoom calls and constant emails. This new situation can be fun, but also anxiety-inducing, especially if learning new technology doesn’t come naturally to you. On top of that, there are also countless distractions in a home-based workplace 

Like anything, working from home can take some getting used to. Below are seven tips to keep you engaged and productive as you grow into this new routine. 

1) Dress the Part 

Research shows that what we wear can affect our mindset. For instance, putting on a lab coat has been shown to increase focus and attention to detail when performing various tasks. 

When you’re working from home, you’re still in “work mode” and dressing the part can go a long way to making you more productive, 

2) Use a Designated Workspace 

Create a dedicated space where you’ll do most of your work. It doesn’t need to be a separate room, but it ought to be a spot that’s devoid of distractions. A work-specific space can help you sustain productivity and maintain a strong work-life balance. 

3) Stay Connected 

Even if you’re at home with a roommate, spouse, or kids, working from home can feel pretty isolating. There’s no water cooler for idle chit-chat, and you can only vent so much to loved ones about the workday’s frustrations. 

Try to keep in touch with coworkers over email, text, IM or whatever feels natural. 

4) Get a Mentor 

In addition to staying connected with colleagues, having a mentor can help you transition into a highly effective telecommuter. Connect with someone who has a year or more of working from home under their belt. Even if they don’t work in your industry, someone with experience can help you avoid distractions and bad habits. 

5) Find Time for Exercise 

Studies reveal that people who regularly exercise are more productive than people who do not. The benefit is so substantial; you should actually take time out of your workday to get in some exercise. Just 20 to 30 minutes of exercise is a smart investment of your work time that will produce massive returns. 

6) Set a Schedule 

Even though freedom is one of the best facets of working at home, autonomy can also undercut your need to remain productive and focused. A loose schedule can provide essential structure for how you should spend your workday, including when to take breaks and get in some exercise. 

7) Track Your Productivity 

It’s easy to waste time on Facebook or Amazon when your boss or co-workers aren’t milling around. You can easily fritter away entire afternoons going to the YouTube rabbit hole. 

Tracking what you get done each day can be a real wake-up call that keeps you on track. On top of there, there are also productivity apps like RescueTime that show you how you spend your time on your computer or smartphone. 

We Can Help You Find a Work from Home Position 

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