Simple & Effective Ways to Thank Your Team This Holiday Season

During the typical year, your company might show thanks to its employees by throwing a holiday party and handing out awards. However, this isn’t a typical year.

Social distancing guidelines and remote work make employee recognition more difficult than ever – but not impossible. All it takes is a bit of creativity to give your staff members the recognition they deserve and expect from their employer. If you’re having trouble trying to recognize your staff members this holiday season, consider the following simple and effective approaches.

Gather Input

This is among the most basic yet effective ways you can show your staff members you appreciate them. Show your hardworking employees that you trust them by taking their ideas and suggestions on employee recognition. But don’t stop there. While you’re at it, ask if they have input on anything else related to their jobs.

Even though you may not end up using every idea, you should look into ideas that get traction with your team. If you don’t use a popular idea, make it clear why you made that decision.

Foster Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Worker appreciation doesn’t need to be a top-down affair. One great approach to supporting worker recognition is offer was for your staff members to show appreciation for one another. You could invite employees to call out good performances during virtual meetings, or you could leverage a formal employee appreciation system that calls for nominated employees to receive some type of reward.

Peer-to-peer recognition should supplement, not replace, top-down recognition so that your employees have recognition coming from all directions.

Offer Online Career Development

The capacity to learn at work is essential for nearly all workers, particularly those of younger generations. Whether that’s offering to pay for online seminars, or providing career counseling services, offering career development support to your staff members is a strong approach to showing how much you value their contributions.

Send Handwritten Thank You Notes

For many people, working from home has made mail and package delivery a daily event to look forward to. Therefore, sending your employees handwritten thank you notes can be a small but meaningful midday surprise.

Of course, you can always slip in a gift card or other gift to make personalized thank you notes a lot more impactful.

Give Employees Something to Look Forward To

If you’ve done a good job of building a company culture, your staff members will want to be back together again. Especially after months of social distancing, coming together in celebration will feel like a massive reward.

Start planning a big ‘back to work’ bash. The simple exercise of party planning can give your staff members something to get excited about. While it can celebrate the end of social distancing, a back to work party can also help your employees get over any hang-ups they might have about having to report to the office.

We Can Support Your Transition Into 2021

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