Soft Skills Every Manager Needs to Improve (And How to Improve Them)

Companies place a premium on “hard” technical abilities, as they’re necessary to effectively handle specific job responsibilities. Technical abilities also a focus for company managers because they are easy to evaluate.  However, “soft” interpersonal skills are just as critical, particularly for those in leadership. To create and maintain a strong team, a manager should know… Read more »

4 Reasons Going Back to Work Can Be Good for Your Mental Health

A lot of the COVID-19 media coverage has rightfully focused on the physical hazards associated with the virus, but the virus has also had substantial effects on mental health — especially for individuals who find themselves furloughed, laid-off or permanently let go.  For these people, going back to work can help with respect to their mental… Read more »

How to Find the Right Candidate

Locating the right job candidates is increasingly challenging, and hiring professionals who don’t use proven hiring strategies tend to be less able to identify good fits for their open positions.    Below are a few proven tips on how to find the right candidate for your next open role.  Describe the Right Candidate for the Position  If you can’t describe… Read more »

5 Things Managers Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic

Given that Asia was the first part of the world to be hit by the COIVD-19 pandemic, countless people are looking to the continent for answers – including business leaders.  While businesses in Asia have not fully disengaged from the COVID-19 situation, they’re months ahead of the United States in terms of the impacts and response and,… Read more »

7 Ways to Stay Motivated & Productive While Working from Home

For many people, “work from home” was more of a Fifth Harmony lyric that is was a description of their job situation. However, COVID-19 came along and changed all that.  Many of us have suddenly been thrust into navigating the futuristic world of Microsoft Teams, Zoom calls and constant emails. This new situation can be fun, but… Read more »

10 Benefits of Having a Strong Relationship with Your Staffing Agency

Any successful executive will tell you that with great people – a business runs itself.   As a business grows, bringing in good people while keeping up with business activities becomes increasingly difficult. A staffing company can help. As experts in what they do, staffing agencies make smart, efficient talent acquisitions for their clients without negatively impacting productivity.  When a business has a strong… Read more »

How to Start Your Job Search in the Era of Coronavirus

The first wave of coronavirus may be behind us, but the pandemic is expected to have a lasting impact on society.  Some businesses that had planned to slowly transition into a remote work model fully embraced that model over the span of a couple weeks. Some older processes that were being phased out have now… Read more »

Attract Better Talent when You Build a Better Brand

As the ratio of younger-to-older workers continues to skew younger, companies are seeing that conventional recruitment strategies, based mostly on pay and benefits, are becoming less relevant.   Younger professionals want a more holistic job experience, such as one with a strong work-life balance or a sense of greater purpose. While experienced employees also want these… Read more »

Want to Turn Your Temporary Position into a Permanent Job?

When you’re looking to convert your temporary position to a permanent one, it can be hard not to overthink your performance and how much people like you.   But rather than basing your mindset on the reactions of others, you should be focused on making contributions and providing value. There’s never a guarantee that a temporary position will become a… Read more »

What are STAR Behavioral Interview Questions and Why Do You Need to Ask Them? 

Hiring great people should involve carefully assessing their expertise and work habits during the interview through behavioral interview questions.  These questions are meant to have candidates give examples of past work. Behavioral questions aren’t hypothetical. Candidates are asked “What did you do?” as opposed to “What would you do?”  Asking candidates to discuss earlier work ought to test… Read more »