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We know how frustrating a traditional job search can be. It can take weeks to hear back from a potential employer, if you hear anything at all. And then, the interview process can be long and drawn out.

At Superior Resource Group, our hiring process is thorough, but streamlined. We aim to make the strongest matches possible, as quickly as possible. We are committed to responsiveness and maintaining honest, two-way communication throughout the process. When you work with us, you’ll always know where you stand.

Our Process


Submit an application for a current role or send your resume directly to our team. We often recruit for roles that are not advertised.


Every resume we receive is reviewed by a Superior Resource Group recruiter and an account manager. If you are a match for an open role, you will be contacted for an interview.

If you are not a match for a current open role, your resume is coded in our system, so we will be notified when an opportunity arises for which you are a strong match.


When you are matched with a position, we will conduct an interview in which we will talk in detail about your background as well as your professional goals and your priorities for your career.


We will never submit you for consideration to an employer without your consent. We will contact you about the opportunity and discuss it with you in-depth. We will only proceed if you agree the opportunity is right for you.

Client Interview

After we submit your profile to our client and they agree to move forward, we will coordinate an interview for you as quickly as possible.


We will talk with you after your interview to determine your level of interest and whether the role is a good fit.


If you receive and accept an offer, your recruiter will be available to you if you have feedback, questions or concerns.

Start your search and launch your career today with Superior Resource Group.

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